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season 4

Listen to a playlist of all the songs we mentioned in Season 4 here!

Interim Episode: A Little Fat Announcement

Episode 1: Fat Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Episode 2: Fattie Film School: Dumplin’ with special guest Julie Murphy!

Episode 3: You’ve Got Mail #4!

Episode 4: Spilling the “DisabiliTEA”

Episode 5: Our Big Fat (Not Greek) Wedding

Episode 6: Seams Fake But Okay

Episode 7: Personal Style with Jazzmyne

Episode 8: Tall girl, fat girl

Episode 9: Small Biz, Big Fashion Part I

Episode 10: Fat Memes

Episode 11: Mailbag with Jazzmyne Jay!

Minisode: High Fashion Gets Fat! (sponsored by 11 Honoré)

Episode 12: SAF Goes To Fat Camp!

Episode 13: Small Biz, Big Fashion Part II

Episode 14: Our Fat Friend, @yrfatfriend

Episode 15: Fattie EDU

Episode 16: Queer Bodies (with Nancy!)

Episode 17: A Little Fat Review

season 3


Episode 1: @ Our Thin Friends

Episode 2: She’s All Superfat

Episode 3: Sierra Burgess is a Local

Episode 4: They’re All Fat: Nonbinary Fatties

Episode 5: You’ve Got Mail III

Episode 6: Raising A Body Positive Child

Episode 7: Make It to 2019 Challenge

Episode 8: Fat Reading Roundup

Episode 9: Fatties on Stage

Episode 10: thank u, stretch

Minisode #3: Two Fattie Cooks

Episode 12: Fat Through The Ages

Episode 13: Fat Traitor

Episode 14: She’s Got Faves 2k18

Season 2

Listen to a playlist of all the songs we mentioned in Season 2 here!

Episode 1: New Year, Same Fat Us

Episode 2: You've Got Mail II

Episode 3: State of the Fat Union

Episode 4: Fat Dating: Through Thick and Thicc

Episode 5: She's All Fat Goes to the Doctor

Episode 6: Fat(Suit) Like Me

Episode 7: Fattie Film School #3 (Loosely Exactly Nicole) 

Episode 8: Our Fat President

Episode 9: Fatties Go to Therapy

Episode 10: Fat in Real Life

Episode 11: Werkin' on My Fitness

Episode 12: The Shape of You

Extra: She's All Oops

Episode 13: We Feel Pretty

Episode 14: The Fault in Our Faves

Episode 15: Live from Flyover Fest! 

season 1


Episode 1: Fat Narratives

Episode 2: "Where Do You Get Your Confidence?" 

Episode 3: BodyPosi Politics with Melissa Gibson

Episode 4: We Love Our CurvyCon

Episode 5: Much Ado About Hair

SAF on Call Your Girlfriend

Episode 6: Fattie Film School #1 (My Mad Fat Diary)

Episode 7: You've Got Mail

Episode 8: Boo! Fear the Fat

Episode 9: Roxane Gay's Hunger

SAF on How To Be Less Old

Episode 10: Making it in the Plus-Size Fashion Industry with Gabifresh

Episode 11: The Fat Friend

Minisode #1:Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Episode 12: Fattie Film School #2 (Huge)

Episode 13: Traveling While Fat

Minisode #2: Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas