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saf + Pocket Casts

If there are two things we love together, it’s the beach and a book. Or a pod! Pocket Casts is featuring us on their Beach Reads list on the Pocket Casts discover page!

Dark and devious might not be the desired mood for your beach retreat, so we put together a list of podcasts you can engross yourself in as you layout in the sun. This covers everything from love, literature and laughter, to life-changing events all with a relax and unwind vibe. Bon voyage!

See you at the beach with all our Beach Reads!


Bitch featured SAF on their list of 5 Fat-Positive Podcasts Feminists Should to Listen To! Take a look at us and check out some of the other fat podcasters spreading the news along side us!

Quioh and Carter-Kahn have an electric chemistry that flows through every episode, even when they’re discussing serious topics like surviving holidays with fatphobic relatives or raising children to love their own bodies and respect those of others.

We also love our electric chemistry and are totally honored to be on this list!



Bustle shouts out SAF and Sophie’s article in Vice about Shrill! Check it out!

The six episode series has gotten great reviews, but perhaps more importantly, it's gotten great reviews specifically from plus size viewers like Whitney as well as She's All Fat podcast host Sophia Carter-Khan who wrote about the show for Vice.

Read the rest of the article here.


Jeneva Toolajian, a star member of the Fatmily, created this radio segment about her journey to body positivity — with the help of She’s All Fat. We’re so glad Jeneva found us — and hope other young people give this piece a listen!

“She’s All Fat” introduced me to the “Health at Every Size” model, which is really different from your standard, weight-based approach to health. It’s all about respect and acceptance of body diversity and promotion of health for people of all sizes.

As I listened, I identified with so many of the stories other people shared; people like me who felt trapped by cycles of dieting and self-loathing.

You can listen to the piece and do some more reading here.


Take a listen to Sophie on the Forever35 podcast! Episode 69: Body Positive Vibes features Sophie talking about all sorts of interesting and fun things:

This week, Kate and Doree celebrate the most wonderful time of the year: Sephora Sale Season! They discuss dream purchases, old favourites, and some possible items they may snag when that discount kicks in.

Then they welcome Sophie Carter-Kahn, writer and co-creator of the podcast She’s All Fat. She talks body positivity, the life-changing power of a bidet, living with multiple autoimmune diseases, and her favourite face oil.

Check out the podcast here and take a listen to this episode here.



saf + emerald Street

Wow wow wow! Emerald Street wrote us up in their 3.12 Stories Newsletter! We’re thrilled to be their Download recommendation of the week. Here’s what they said:

Hosted by US-based comedy writer April Quioh and journalist Sophia Carter-Khan, She’s All Fat is a warm, funny and truly body-positive podcast. Creating a safe space to really talk, the duo tackle important topics – from discussions about the intersection between fatness and feminism to taking on current affairs and pop culture. Their fourth season will drop later this month but, for now, you can listen to a teaser.

Check out the rest of this newsletter and more right here.

saf + strong feelings

We’re so excited that Strong Feelings podcast shouted us out in their episode Sex Work is Work with Jessica Raven as their “Fuck Yeah” of the week! Check out these shownotes:

We share our love for podcast BFFs She’s All Fat—an amazing show celebrating body positivity, chill vibes, and—surprise!—friendship. Listen up!

Listen to this ep and more right here.


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saf + bustle

Bustle highlights SAF as one of The 5 Best Podcasts About Feminism To Listen To In 2019, Because Hearing These Smart AF Convos Will Give You LIFE!

It's important to remain engaged with what is happening in the feminist sphere, but you can definitely be forgiven for not always knowing all the history, theory, and terminology behind the movement. Because, let's be honest, the world we live in tries its best to put feminism on the back burner. So plug these in and enter back into the essential conversation.

Read what Bustle loves about SAF here.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 4.39.50 PM.png

saf + bust

Bust says to cuddle up and listen to SAF this V-day! Their piece 10 Podcasts To Empower You Through Valentine’s Day (And Every Other Day) puts us up with The Heart and Sooo Many White Guys.

I have never been someone who particularly cares about Valentine’s Day either way, but I do love going to the store the day after to buy discount heart-shaped chocolates and then shoving them in my face while I watch a romantic comedy from the early 00s that reminds me of simpler times. Regardless of where you are in your love life, here are some empowering podcasts to get you through.

Read on here.

saf + allgo

Can We All Go specializes in size inclusivity — and founder Rebecca Alexander wrote SAF up as a body positive podcast you need in your life!

Have you and your best friend ever looked at each other--mid laughing fit--and said the words, “We would make such a great TV show!”? My bestie and I have. And TBH, we  were probably wrong.

But if Sophie and April ever said that to each other, they couldn’t have been more right. These two wicked-smart women have the best conversations. From their musings on Netflix offerings, to their refreshingly honest Q&As around cross-racial difference, these two show off their creative magic.

Read the full article and learn more about All Go here!

Saf + sophie goes viral

Sophie tweeted about her giant red jacket from Prettylittlething, and gentle chaos ensued. Sites like Storypick, Mirror, and Metro ran articles on how Twitter took to Sophie’s tweet—and the best ones even shouted out the pod:

Sophia CK, the creator and host of excellent podcast She’s All Fat, had a different issue. She ordered a plus-size coat from PrettyLittleThing. It was described as ‘oversized’, but the coat that arrived was, well, a little more ‘oversized’ than Sophia expected. By which we mean it’s quite large indeed. The sleeves are much wider than her arms, the shoulders hang way past Sophia’s, and the pockets are spacious enough to fit a book or a small kitten.

You can keep reading this article here, and you should definitely check out the Twitter discourse here.

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Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 10.25.00 AM.png

saf + Mtv

MTV News talked to Sophie about body posi representation and Dumplin’ for their piece WHY 2018 WAS A ‘REALLY BIG TRIUMPH’ FOR THE CURVE COMMUNITY.

With each release came assessments of whether that representation was actually representative of the plus-sized experience. And from the community’s collective critique of these and previous portrayals, people are finally starting to catch on to the dos and don’ts of telling body-positive stories. “It feels like we’re at the very beginning of a lot more widespread representation, so I hope people continue to be loud,” Sophie Carter-Kahn, one half of the duo behind the She’s All Fat podcast, told MTV News.

Keep reading here.

saf + the facts of facts

April joins the team of The Facts Of Facts: The ONLY Facts Of Life Podcast for their 12th episode, Molly's Holiday" aka "The Return Of The Joan Baez Of The 80's.

Britt and Dominik are once again joined by Grant Levy as well as Facts Of Facts first timer April Quioh where we discuss what we believe was intended to be the finale of Season 1. 

Listen to this episode and more here.



saf + roundup roundup

We love to be featured on lists of pods to listen to, especially with other Fat positive podcasts with fat hosts.

Fat Girls Traveling featured us on their list of Fat Positive Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Fiercely Fat calls SAF as one of The Top Five Fat Positive Podcasts You Should Listen To!

The YW Boston Blog listed us with 19 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Global Comment listed SAF as one of the Top 16 Feminist Podcasts to Listen to

FairyGodBoss named SAF on their list of 20 Women Podcasters You Should Be Listening To Right Now


saf + almost 30

Sophie and April joined the hosts of the Almost 30 Podcast for their 166th episode, FINDING YOUR WAY TO BODY POSITIVITY + SOCIAL CHANGE.

We chat about why they decided to create a podcast, and how they picked the name, She’s All Fat, plus we get into their favorites topics to cover on their show. Sophia and April also share their own personal journey towards self-love, and how the road to loving their own bodies and self acceptance—it hasn’t always been linear.

You can find the pod episode here!


Saf + Huffington Post

Michael Hobbes, reporter at Huffington Post, mentioned us in his piece What To Do If Your Doctor Fat Shames You:

Speak up about your experience and connect with others going through the same thing…Podcasts like She’s All Fat and Food Psych can keep you informed and armed for the next appointment. Tell thin allies how they can support you by speaking up to their own doctors.

Keep reading here!

SAF + Dazey LA

Dazey LA was one of our first partners back in the early days of SAF—and we got the chance to hang with them again for a photoshoot and little interview about season 3! 

These gals are two peas in a pod(cast) who hold safe space for anyone to join in and #createconversation on dense topics like body politics, radical self love, and popular culture intricacies from a femme perspective. For their fatmily and new listeners alike, She's All Fat authentically shows up for everyone and educates how anyone can do the work. 

Read on for more info and cute pics here



saf + pcos and food peace

Sophie joins Julie Duffy Dillon on an episode of PCOS and Food Peace for an episode about Googling the Diagnosis and Finding Your Path.

Tired of diets that don’t work to treat your PCOS? Feel chaotic around food yet think you HAVE to diet? Feel shame for your food cravings, bingeing, and body size while living with PCOS? We have a podcast for you.

You can listen to this episode and more right here!

saf + She spends

Sophie and April chatted with She Spends about season 3 of SAF, the intersection of spending and size, give their advice for how to a side hustle of your own in this newsletter piece, How Two Friends Built Their Podcast She's All Fat

A: As far as more day-to-day financial aspects of being fat, something we talk about a lot, if you need to go to an event, you are shit out of luck, you can’t walk into a store and find something specific. You have to shop for a bunch of things. Clothing sizes aren’t consistent. I have to order several dresses, determine what fits, send them all back, get money back. It’s just another level of planning. You cannot live a spontaneous lifestyle if you live in a fat body. 

Get the rest of those interview deets here

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IMG_8972 (2).jpg

saf + Revelist 

This piece on Revelist names SAF as one of 17 Body-Positive Podcasts That Will Empower You Daily alongside other sweet pods like Call Your Girlfriend and Fat Girls Club! Nice! 

I'm here for body-positivity at all times. That means no more judging myself for over-indulging on the weekends and comparing myself to anyone else. I just need more folks like me, talking about this skin suits we're all respectively wearing and how it feels to be outside of the mainstream beauty standards. Body-positive podcasts are an excellent way to get that perspective. We've compiled a list of simply the best (better than all the rest) for your listening enjoyment!

Find out what else is on the list here!

saf + food psych

April joins Christy Harrison in this Food Psych Episode titled How to Unlearn Diet Culture's Rules! Christy says:

TV writer and She’s All Fat podcast co-host April K. Quioh joins us to talk about how intersectional feminism and sociology helped her to finally let go of dieting and embrace her body size, why we need to challenge fatphobia and fight for it to be considered a valid form of discrimination, why it’s important to unlearn the diet-culture rules we’ve internalized around food and our bodies, the historical roots of diet culture, and so much more! 

Listen here!

Food Psych


saf + The curvy fashionista

Need even more body-posi podcasts in your feed? Dominique at The Curvy Fashionista put together this list called "A Few of Our Favorite Plus Size Podcasts to Listen to!" and we're on it alongside many other goodies.

There’s tons of different kinds of podcasts, from true crime, to gossip, comedy, news, and pop culture—there’s literally a podcast for everyone! My personal faves are the body positive, fat acceptance, and plus size fashion podcasts! I’ve gathered seven great plus size podcasts to add to your library for all your listening needs.

Read on here

saf + Buzzfeed

Big news!!! Buzzfeed writer Brianne O'Brien included She's All Fat in a list of 14 Podcasts You Need To Listen To This Summer—we're listening!

Looking for podcasts to binge on this summer, but overwhelmed by all the options? Don’t sweat. Here are 14 podcasts you should listen to no matter how or where you’re spending your summer.

Grab your earbuds, open your favorite app, or trigger that smart speaker — these are just some of the many podcasts that deserve your time.

See what Brianne had to say about SAF & a slew of other goodies here, and make sure to follow Brianne on twitter



SAF + Vice

Nicole Clark interviewed April + Sophie over coffee in May and writes about it in her piece These Women Are Taking Body Positivity Back from Brands on Vice:

In the past few years, the body positivity movement has finally begun to have an impact on American culture—but it too often fails to actually center on or benefit plus-sized people. The podcast “She’s All Fat,” hosted by April K. Quioh and Sophia Carter-Kahn, aims to change that. The show, which has attracted several thousand subscribers since launching last year, unpacks the unhealthy and ultimately exploitative way that fat people are represented in popular culture, answers questions from listeners, and gives concrete advice on subjects like “going to the doctor while fat.” 

Definitely check out the rest of the article here and follow Nicole on Twitter!

saf + food psych

Sophie joins Christy Harrison in this Food Psych Episode titled Healing Body Dysmorphia & Dating While Plus-Size. Christy says:

Writer and “She’s All Fat” podcast co-host Sophia Carter-Kahn joins us to talk about her path from extreme dieting to intuitive eating, how dating interacts with fatphobia and weight bias, overcoming body shame and body dysmorphia, how parents are influenced by diet culture and healthism, why we need to think about weight stigma as an important variable in terms of health, and so much more!

You can listen to this episode and more right here.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 9.37.58 AM.png

SAF + Brit + Co

Amanda Scriver interviewed Sophie and April about the origins of SAF and the future of the pod in her piece "'She’s All Fat' Podcast Asks the Tough Questions About Body-Positivity" on Brit + Co!  

The term ‘body positive’ has been a popular one for a while. While the internet is full of Instagrammers and bloggers sharing their journeys, Los Angeles-based writers and friends April K. Quioh and Sophie Carter-Kahn decided to take a different avenue to talk about their body-love journey by creating the delightfully joyful podcast She’s All Fat.

Read more here!

saf + more than a pretty face

Let’s Keep it Super Duper Funky—in this episode of the More Than a Pretty Face podcast. Sophie and April talk self love, diet culture, and more.

On this week’s episode I get to talk to the amazing ladies of the podcast She’s All Fat - April K. Quioh and Sophia Carter- Kahn! They’re all about body positivity and chill vibes only. These ladies are champions for body positivity. They understand that no matter your gender, size, race or anything else, you and your body deserve nothing less than respect.

You can listen to this episode and more right here.



Saf + livestrong

Sophie met up with Gia Narvaez, a trans bodyposi Instagram influencer, for a photoshoot and interview with Livestrong. They talk fatness, Instagram, and body positivity in the piece Is Instagram Body Positivity’s Most Unlikely Ally?

"Why do you use the word 'fat' in the title of your podcast?" the shoot's hairstylist asks. "Oh, I don't think it's a bad thing," Carter-Kahn responds. These days conversations about larger bodies are often hesitant, particularly because there's so much societal uncertainty as to what counts as offensive — that is if they even happen at all.

Keep reading (and see what they make of this conversation) here.

saf + Friday night in

April joins the Friday Night In Podcast for their Episode 19: No Bullshit to talk being black in Hollywood, plus mommy stories!

In this episode we sit down with the incredibly intelligent, hilarious and not to mention hot as hell, April Quioh. She talks about what it's like being a black woman working in Hollywood (hint: it's not easy!), the time she found out about her extra rib that her mom tried to keep hidden from her, and the ridiculous things men say to her online.

Listen here.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 9.43.03 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.20.46 PM.png

SAF + stanford medicine's scope blog

Orly Farber, current medical student at Stanford, mentioned us in her piece on "Learning to listen as a medical student." We think this topic is so important to pushing for body positivity and body justice - thank you so much for listening and writing, Orly!

In this episode (#3) on body positivity — the idea that all bodies deserve respect — April remarks, “I go to the doctor and he just assumes I have diabetes.” (She does not have diabetes.) In this one line, April points to the problem of medical bias.

Read more here.

saf + see something say something

The folks over at BuzzFeed's super cool podcast See Something Say Something were kind enough to shout us out in their newsletter!! 

I am a huge, giant fan of She’s All Fat, a new podcast for “body positivity, radical self-love, and chill vibes only.” Hosts April K. Quioh and Sophia Carter-Kahn tackle topics like toxic diet culture, body hair, and representation of fat bodies in pop culture in a way that’s funny, accessible, and intersectional.

You can read more here. Be sure to check out their pod if you haven't already! Here's a link to their iTunes feed.


saf + Ravishly

SAF is so excited to have been included on Ravishly's list of "3 Amazing New Podcasts To Tune Into This Fall" by writer Jenni Berrett.

I’ve been listening to podcasts since high school, back when I’d freak myself out with episodes of Welcome to Night Vale while I worked evenings scrubbing a giant warehouse for my Dad’s custodial business. Since then, I’ve consumed a steady stream of digital radio — everything from classic This American Life episodes to niche fandom podcasts. 

Read on here to find out where SAF fits into your fall playlist—and you can follow Jenni on Twitter @jenni__bee.


saf + the freya project

April spoke at The Freya Project's LA event on 11/13/17 on the theme of community. All proceeds from the event went to the Newtown Action Alliance to fight gun violence. Interested in finding out more about the Freya Project? Visit their site, here!

The Freya Project is a fundraising reading series started in the wake of the 2016 election as a way to try and unify women in our fractured country.Each month, five women share personal essays on topics universal to the modern female's experience. All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to small, non-profit organizations located in communities that do not always embrace the vital work they perform.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 9.04.45 PM.png

You Ain't Your Weight copy 4.png

SAF + you ain't your weight

Lauren McAulay (Body Love Coach) and Jenna Free (Intuitive Eating counsellor) from the Body Love Society asked us to join this speaker series! It's called "You Ain't Your Weight: How to feel good in your body, feel free around food and ditch the diet once and for all." Lauren and Jenna say: 

You will get useful advice from 21 of the top body image, Intuitive Eating and body positivity experts on how to take action on changing your life by changing the way you feel around food, how you feel in your body and how to live a life full of joy and happiness that lets you no longer need to wait on the weight!

Click here to sign up and listen!

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 1.46.21 PM.png

saf + htblo

Listen to our guest episode on How To Be Less Old, where we taught Deanna and Emily the term "straight size."

This week, Emily and Deanna touch on the Bella Hadid sneaker situation before welcoming on April K. Quioh and Sophia Carter-Kahn, co-hosts of the podcast “She’s All Fat.” They talk about their favorite body positive Instagram accounts, the most annoying euphemisms, and the intertwining of body positivity and self love. Later, April and Sophia share tips on how to be a better pal to your fat friends.

Thank you so much for having us, Deanna and Emily! We love HTBLO.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 5.01.40 PM.png

Saf + bitch media

We are SO thrilled to be on Bitch Media's podcast round-up this month!

Body positivity is a buzzword that, in many respects, has lost its meaning. Rather than centering fat, disabled, trans, and other bodies that have been historically marginalized, body positivity has quickly devolved into a means of selling products and giving thin white women brands. Alas, She’s All Fat is coming into the world at the perfect time. Each week, Los Angeles–based writers April K. Quioh and Sophie Carter-Kahn make the podcast arena more size inclusive by shining a necessary spotlight on fat activists, writers, bloggers, and those keeping body positivity connected to its roots. Since the show’s only eight episodes in, you can get caught up—and laugh along the way.

Saf + inews

UK news site (we're ACROSS THE POND!!) iNews gave us a little shout-out in this week's podcast recommendations

She’s All Fat: A podcast for “body positivity, radical self-love, and chill vibes”, Sophie and April discuss current events, pop culture, and the intersections between fatness and feminism.

Thanks iNews!! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.50.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 8.13.24 PM.png

saf + the curvy fashionista

Our Business Manager Brianne Huntsman wrote us up in this cutie lil article for our dreamgirl Marie Denee's site, The Curvy Fashionista!

AKQ: It freaks me out how there’s a pushback on talking about race in fat-positive and plus-size spaces. It’s like people expect me to say, “On this day I’m fat, on this day I’m a lady, on this day I’m black.” I’m all of those things every day. As feminists, we need to use our intersectionality muscle to talk about race.

Plus, we’re so different, it would come up anyways. Like, I’m black and Sophie is white and this informs our experiences. Also, Sophie loves buttons and I don’t own a single button.

SCK: They’re PINS.

SAF + healthline

HealthLine wrote us up in a lovely little feature for their She's Well feature in their Women's Wellness newsletter! Check it out here.

"April and Sophie, the voices behind the “She’s All Fat” podcast, speak in vibrant tones that envelope you in pop culture-heavy conversation. It’s like getting invited to join the insider’s club at the corner of a party you feel a little too uncool for.

As their conversations flow from Disney’s “Lizzie McGuire” (a mainstay for any early-2000s teen) to Netflix gems, and real, unabridged conversations about body image, being fat, and being feminist, you’ll find yourself shaking with laughter — and then, seconds later, frowning with intrigue."

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 5.33.03 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 5.33.13 PM.png

Saf + HG

Gaby Herstik, LA's favorite witch, wrote a lovely little write-up of SAF for HelloGiggles! Read all about it here.

"Body-positive” may be a buzzword as of late, but that doesn’t mean the internet always affords those in the movement the space they need to share their stories. While the internet is full of instagrammers and bloggers sharing their journeys, there’s a niche that has yet to be filled. Thankfully, April K. Quioh and Sophie Carter-Kahn created “She’s All Fat,” a fun, entertaining body-positive podcast devoted to fat stories. The two Los Angeles-based writers and friends were inspired to create the podcast after realizing there was nothing else like it. And the rest, as they say, is herstory."

Saf + CYg!

We were so proud to be invited onto Ann and Amina's stellar pod (we are LONG TERM FANS) to give a primer on body positivity. We also talked about Oprah's long struggle with dieting, promoting diet culture, and her infamous bucket of fat. Check out the ep on the CYG feed or over on our Podcast page!


party flyer.png

Saf + Junior high! 

We're having our launch party at Welcome to Junior High, a nonprofit art and community space in Hollywood. If you're in LA, come on out! We'll have donuts, balloons, a photobooth, and a killer line-up of femme comedians. Woohoo! More info here.

SAF + Curvy con!

Cece Olisa and Chastity Garner, founders and creators of The Curvy Con, invited us to New York to get some audio at the Con! We were so honored and pleased to work with some of our personal style and bodyposi icons. We made an episode about CurvyCon, which you can hear on 9/28! 

saf at curvycon

dazey la collab

SAF + Dazey LA!

We worked with Dani Roxanne, the designer, creator, and #bossbabe of small fashion line Dazey LA on her Summer of Self Love video! You can see the vid by clicking here. Dazey LA clothing is all locally and ethically sourced. We're proud to work with Dani on her expansion to plus sizes. She currently has XL offerings, with larger sizes coming soon! (Check out the shirt Sophie is wearing or the shirt April is wearing! More details about the fit here.)